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Frequently asked questions

We are happy to receive enquiries and answer your questions. Here are some questions and answers that may help you along the way.

Q. What type of tenancy agreements do you use?

A. We use an Assured Shorthold tenancy, usually, but not always, of 6 or 10 months' duration.

Q. Do you let individual rooms?

A. No. All of our properties are let as whole houses.

Q. Some adverts show weekly and monthly rents. How often do I need to make payments?

A. We try to agree payment terms that best suit your income pattern. For most people that will be monthly.

Q. I have a pet. Will I still be able to rent from you?

A. We do consider letting to people who own some types of pets. We ask any tenants with pets to sign up to our Pet Policy. Please contact us to discuss.

Q. Will you let to people who smoke?

A. Yes, but all of our tenancies prohibit smoking inside the property.

Q. How much deposit do you require?

A. This will be made clear in advance and depends on the circumstances. It will usually be at least one month's rent, and we do charge an additional deposit if we agree to pets. All deposits are protected through the Deposit Protection Service.

Q. What do you do with my data?

A. Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

Q. How does the tenancy agreement work for students?

A. We try to be flexible to suit the requirements of the students. Most of our student lets are of one academic year.

Q. As a student, do I have to pay rent over the summer holiday period?

A. Again, we try to be flexible and tailor our terms to our tenants' needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Will I need a guarantor?

A. We assess each appication individually.

Q. I'm an overseas student, will you let your property to me?

A. Yes, if you can pass our usual checks, and can demonstrate that you have the right to rent a property in England. This is a legal requirement, and more information can be found on the government website.

Q. I am on benefits - does that mean you won't consider me?

A. No. We assess each application individually.