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The legal bit? There's not much to say, really

The copyright of the content of this website rests with Croft Rentals (referred to here for convenience as 'the company') and the lovely people at Origiprint Pictures. We do use stock images and would not want you to think that we own every property that is pictured on our website!

The links out to other websites (and the scripts behind them) are not ours and we have no legal responsibility for them. This may include the online forms that we use (if any). But if you visit any links from here and find anything amiss, do let us know.

If you would like permission to use any of the content from this site, please contact us. You can email us here.

During the course of our business the company, or our agents, may collect and process information about an applicant or tenant for legal and administrative purposes. We may also collect and process information about people with whom we have a business relationship, such as tradespeople who provide services to us. Some of the personal information processed by the company and/or our agent may be classed as 'special category' data (for example, racial or ethnic origin, marital status, etc). The company will treat all personal information strictly in terms of the UK Data Protection Acts, the General Data Protection Regulation, and related legislation. The company will respect the individual's confidentiality and will process (use), store, share, or retain personal information in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Our site does not use cookies.

We have been accredited under the National Landlords Association's accreditation scheme. We can provide further details of our accreditation on request. We are also members of the Residential Landlords Association.

We are licensed under the Liverpool City Council selective licensing scheme for private landlords.

Tenants who are unable to resolve complaints with us directly should familiarise themselves with the terms of our accreditation, and the requirement for us to enter into arbitration. A copy of our own complaints policy can be provided on request.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.